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Jan 5, 2010 4:00pm EST
of the united states government but still eight years after 9/11, the dots weren't connected. the puzzle pieces were there, but the intelligence agencies failed to put that puzzle together. that is what really has made the president angry and the reason he wants to see some changes. >> savannah, while you were talking we saw an aide from the white house press office bring the binder with the president's planned remarks out to the lectern. here comes the president through the center entrance of the blue room of the white house. >> good afternoon, everybody. i just concluded a meeting with members of my national security team including those from our intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement agencies involved in the security reviews that i ordered after the failed attack on christmas day. i called these leaders to the white house because we face a challenge of the utmost urgency. as we saw on christmas, al qaeda and its extremist allies will stop at nothing in their efforts to kill americans. were determined not only to thwart those plans but to disrupt, dismantle and defeat their nedwo
Jan 7, 2010 4:00pm EST
qaeda in the arabian peninsula and their attempts to try to do something to the united states, some sort of terrorist attack. they knew all this information, but the dots weren't connected. that's going to be the basis of this report today about all of those intelligence failures. we had the information, didn't connect the dots. the president himself is going to lay out new reforms and some systemic improvements that we wants to see across agencies on the intelligence side and on the airline security side, brian. >> all right. chuck todd on the north lawn. we'll look at the podium before the president strides up. again, the president had said the failure wasn't collecting the intelligence. it was connecting the intelligence. he is said to be alarmed that what he's found in this report. his national security advisor said some people may find elements of it shocking. here now, president obama. >> good afternoon, everybody. the immediate reviews that i ordered after the failed christmas terrorist attack are now complete. i was just briefed on the findings and recommendations for reform. i b
Jan 6, 2010 4:00pm EST
of consent in canada is 16. >> she's a united states citizen, she's a citizen of the state of texas, and those acts are not legal here. >> if convicted on the three felony charges, price could face up to 20 years in prison and could be classified as a sex offender. investigators say price may also face federal charges under the child sex tourism law, which affects people traveling outside the country for sexual acts with a minor. >>> you can call it an unhappy meal. a missouri woman had a fit over a mcdonald's hamburger and it was all caught on tape. lo at this video. first, the woman throws a container of water over the counter. then shoves three cash registers to the floor. she also let some obscenities fly before storming out the door. all this because the woman was upset about how her sandwich was made. no one was hurt in this episode, but the manager said the tirade cost about $3,000 in damage. it happened back december 28th. that's the holiday spirit. and police are still looking for her. wendy? >>> new information, but some mystery remaining today about casey johnson, the soc
Jan 13, 2010 4:00pm EST
region. president obama has promised that haiti has the full support of the united states. pictures that have been coming in all day long show just how bad the devastation is. huge parts of the city are in ruins. president preval said that parliament has collapsed. schools, hospitals and government offices have collapsed. not to mention countless homes in this very poor nation. haitian officials say tens of thousands are feared dead. brian williams arrived in haiti a short time ago and described what he saw as he flew over the scene. >> from the air, it was very plain that there were still -- they're dealing with an unraveling emergenc you could see the obvious damage, aftermath from structures and that is walls that had collapsed, buildings that had collapsed, clusters of people on the ground who were at an active construction scene. so it's going to take every resource people can muster. it's been said over and over and will be said a lot more over the days to come, life is a struggle here at an 80% poverty rate on a good day. on a so-called normal day. for this disaster to hit on
Jan 28, 2010 4:00pm EST
recalled in the united states. remember, because of this potential for sticking accelerator peda, toyota has suspended the sales of eight of its most popular models as well as suspending production of those models. that will kick in next monday while the company tries to come up with a fix for what's been suspected to be wrong with these pedals. >> and what's the latest on the redesign? >> well, there's two things that going on right now. first of all, the pedal supplier out of indiana is working with toyota to come up with a fix for those models that are already out on the road. you'd bring in your car and they'd put this fix in there. that has not been finished. in the meantime, the suppliers have a newly designed pedal that it will be putting into future toyota models. those that are going to be built in the future. so the supplier is working with toyota. at the heart of all this is the question of, a, what exactly has caused the problems that have been reported and, b, once a solution is found by toyota and the pedal supplier, can they get it approved quickly by the federal governmen
Jan 4, 2010 4:00pm EST
for the once in a decade count of every person living in the united states. >> i think the biggest conception is that it's boring and long. and it turns out this is the shortest census in history. >> ten questions, ten minutes. if you don't respond, they have to go looking for you. the census is launching a national road trip to convince people why it's so important. the constitutionally-required count decides representation in the u.s. house and a lot more. >> almost $400 billion of federal funds every year that go out to cities, counties and states based on the population. >> reporter: but this count poses challenges like few before, like how to find those who lost their homes to foreclosure, or people still displaced after hurricane katrina. illegal immigrants have to be counted, but even strong privacy laws won't make that easy. >> i think there's just a lack of understanding. the government has sent me this form. why do i need to fill it out and who reads this information? >> another census, an american snapshot ten years in the making. the census forms go out in march and the government
Jan 20, 2010 4:00pm EST
to washington to see mr. obama become the 44th president of the united states. and the first african-american president. john roberts swore in the president-elect. president obama is not getting the support from americans he did one year ago. again, according to a new nbc news poll, it finds less than half the country approves of the job president obama is doing. 48% in fact. a majority 54% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. just 33% still believe the health carplan is a good idea. 46% believe it's a bad one. a number that's nearly doubled. the president is still well-liked. 75% like him as a person, but just 44% approve of most of his policies. >>> d.c. residents are telling president obama in a big way that they want to be represented in congress. the group d.c. vote has collected mo than 41,000 petitions weighing 200 pounds which they're sending to the president. the district is represented by eleanor holmes norton in congress, but she isn't allowed to vote on the house floor. the group wants the president to include something about the d.c. vote in the upcoming
Jan 21, 2010 4:00pm EST
into the united states. it could include pythons, boa constrictors and anacondas, you know. they destroy the nation's most fragile eco systems. >>> if you love to shop and you want to make extra cash, becoming a mystery shopper could be just the job for you. but mystery buyer dewear. scammers out there might be trying to lure you into a phony gig. we show you how to tell the real deal from the fake. >> reporter: angela works hard at her full-time job, mother to her little girl alayna. but since she has some down time, she thought why not take a stab at mystery shopping? >> they said i would be receiving a letter with a check in it for -- to cover all my funds. >> reporter: the check and the letter game and directed angela to call for further directions. >> they told me i would have to western union $3,185 to queens, new york. >> reporter: she tried to ask questions even noticing the security markings on the check she got. then she put it into her bank of america account. sarah league knows angela got duped. she owns a real mystery shopping company that she runs out of her home. >> it's n
Jan 22, 2010 4:00pm EST
commissions here in the united states. today a presidential task force recommends the detainees face prosecution. eric holder previously said five of them will be tried in new york federal court for their roles in the september 11th attacks. the task force also decided 47 others should be held indefinitely without charges. >>> "news4 at 4" is just getting started this afternoon. coming up on the agenda -- >> next at 4:15, what the president is now doing in an effort to boost job creation in a time of economic crisis. >>> then at 4:30, a couple of controver controversy-filled weeks conclude tonight when conan o'brien says farewell to late night. >>> at 4:45, a new program that's supposed to put a little extra cash in your pocket based >>> i'll never give up. that's what president obama told workers over and over today in a campaign-style visit to ohio. he was there to talk about jobs, but also mounted a passionate defense of his first year in office. after a rough week in office. tracie potts joins us live now from capitol hill with more. >> the president right now is saddled with sag
Jan 29, 2010 4:00pm EST
by prescription in europe. it has not yet been approved for use in the united states. >>> ahead on "news 4 at 4:00," and the nominees are -- >> we're going to give you a look at big names making headlines at this sunday's grammy awards. >>> plus, the big changes you can expect to see. when the next i was always going having to go in the middle of traffic and just starting and stopping. having to go in the middle of a ballgame and then not being able to go once i got there. and going at night. i thought i had a going problem. my doctor said i had a growing problem. it wasn't my bladder. my prostate was growing. i had an enlarging prostate that was causing my urinary symptoms. my doctor prescrib avodart. (announcer) over time, avodart actually shrinks the prostate and improves urinary symptoms. so i can go more easily when i need to go and go less often. (announcer) avodart is for men only. women should not take or handle avodart due to risk of a specific birth defect. do not donate blood until 6 months after stopping avodart. tell your doctor if you have liver disease. rarely sexual side effects
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10